L.polyline(latLng, options)

wrld.js requires that users create instances of L.Polyline via the standard Leaflet factory (see creation example below).

// Create a polyline in downtown San Francisco.
var polylinePoints = [
        [37.781814, -122.404740],
        [37.781719, -122.404637],
        [37.781489, -122.404949],
        [37.780704, -122.403945],
        [37.780012, -122.404827]
var polyline = L.polyline(polylinePoints).addTo(map);  
Argument Type Description
latlngs L.LatLng[] Array of geographical points.
options object Accepts all of the options to L.Polyline, plus additional wrld.js entries.


Options Type Default Description
elevation number 0.0 Altitude above ground or sea level in meters.
elevationMode string ‘heightAboveGround’ Whether altitude is measured above ground level (“heightAboveGround”) or sea level (“heightAboveSeaLevel”).
indoorMapId string ’’ The id of the indoor map with which the Polyline will be associated.
indoorMapFloorId number 0 The identifier of the indoor map floor on which the Polyline should be displayed. In the WRLD Indoor Map Format, this corresponds to the ‘z_order’ field of the Level object.
displayOption string ‘currentFloor’ Controls when the Polyline should be displayed in an indoor map. Option ‘currentIndoorMap’ will draw the Polyline in the appropriate indoor map when any floor is selected; ‘currentFloor’ will draw the Polyline only on the specified floor.



Returns the elevation in meters.


Set the elevation in meters.

Argument Type Description
elevation number The elevation in meters.


Returns the elevation mode.


Set the elevation mode.

Argument Type Description
elevationMode string Whether altitude is measured above ground level (“heightAboveGround”) or sea level (“heightAboveSeaLevel”).
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