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WRLD Map Design

Design dynamic, custom 3D maps with the WRLD Map Design tools for your brand, product or service. Manage content easily, including creating and uploading custom data, without needing to code. Use the WRLD SDKs to integrate your custom maps into mobile or web apps or share online.

  • Map Designer

    Design maps with custom styles for your brand.
  • Places Designer

    Manage content and import custom data, including HTML content from the web.
  • Indoor Map Uploader

    Convert floor plans to 3D maps and manage your place content.

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  • Map Designer

Create and manage your own 3D maps, selecting simple or sophisticated styles. Create unique campus maps for students, retail maps for shoppers, venue maps for event planners, or office maps for employees and facility managers.

  • Set the location and map style, then include the content your users will explore.
  • Customize a menu to highlight the categories that make sense for users to search for, such as bars in a city or meeting rooms in an office.
  • Make it simple for users to find what they need quickly through our unique tags and icons.

To get started quickly, watch our Map Design tutorial series.

  • Places Designer

Create a unique collection of your Places by populating your maps with location-based content, displayed as pins and information cards on your maps.

  • Drop content into your map – add names, images, contact details or descriptions, and create different collections of Places based on your different map users.
  • Tag your Places with various categories to ensure they can be easily discovered by users using the WRLD taxonomy system.
  • Extend your Places to include HTML data, integrate real-time information like train times, or embed media like a 360 security video.

To get started quickly, watch our Map Design tutorial series.

  • Indoor Map Uploader

Transform your floor plans or 2D indoor maps into 3D visualizations of your space using Indoor Map Uploader. If you’re familiar with QGIS, you can create your own indoor map to include all necessary semantic information that can then be uploaded automatically.

Once your 3D indoor map is uploaded, you can start to create a Digital Twin of your building – connect your map to data stores, sensors, enterprise systems, and indoor positioning systems.

To learn more about building an intelligent Digital Twin of your building , contact us.

Cross-platform Integration

Your custom designed map can be published on iOS, Android, and the web. You can view your map in AR/VR, share it immediately online, or contact us to discuss private or enterprise access levels.

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Map Design Features Coming Soon

Indoor Map Design

Draw and design indoor maps of your buildings, with multiple layers, using indoor map design tools. Advanced self-service control over your 3D indoor maps.

Data Visualization

Import data or integrate maps with other systems for data visualization, enabling easier insights and real-time action and response.

Dynamic Advertising

Create geofencing triggers like location-based messaging within your app, and input interactive billboard ads your users can interact with to get special offers.

Looking for these features now or more support to get started? Reach out to our sales team to discuss our professional services.