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WRLD 3D maps provide a simple path to create virtual worlds based on real-world environments. Get started with 3D virtual reality quickly with the WRLD Unity SDK. Now you can create simulations and build virtual games and apps with a first-person view.

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Build Virtual Worlds with VR Maps

Create virtual worlds quickly using WRLD 3D virtual reality examples for Unity. The WRLD Unity SDK makes use of the native VR integration provided by Unity - an example project is provided to help you get started. With WRLD you can build your indoor map or outdoor map scene and view it on any device or platform with the WRLD SDKs, including augmented reality.

Our new VR updates provide more freedom to roam high in the skies, speed through city streets, go inside buildings - all on a global scale. Available through Unity immediately for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Google Cardboard. Other VR platforms supported by Unity VR will work with some minor configuration.

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Additional VR Maps Support

Whether you're a large studio or a VR pioneer, we want to help your project break ground.

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