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Virtual Reality Maps

Power Virtual Experiences with 3D Maps.

Build your next virtual or augmented reality application using our 3D maps platform. We can host a wide array of different experiences based on the physical world, such as building location-based games or marketing commercial real estate properties. The WRLD VR SDK is coming to Google Cardboard, HTC and Oculus Rift soon.

Build virtual experiences using our Unity or Google Cardboard AP

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Augmented reality maps

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A consistent, scalable, and accessible 3D map is needed in AR to anchor virtual objects to the real world so they stay placed regardless of where or how the viewer moves.

Create an interactive smart workplace map that employees use to locate and book meeting rooms, or that visitors use to find meeting areas, or facility managers use to monitor resources. Each group sees a detailed 3D map with relevant location information and notifications updated and managed especially for them.

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We offer gaming, media, and VR/AR companies a true 3D map of the world optimized for Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences.


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