A 3D Maps Platform

Global Mapping Tools

The eeGeo Platform provides everything you need to build applications using interactive 3D maps. It provides global mapping coverage at building-level detail with an ability to quickly and easily add or update cities, regions and countries. Maps are streamed in real-time to enable instant interactivity on mobile devices. Applications can deliver geo-located content and information within an engaging 3D environment through customisable points of interest, dynamic tours and animated objects.

Complete Control

Maps that let you go beyond pins and overlays. Your app has unprecedented control over design, data, buildings, roads, indoor spaces, tours and more…

True 3D

Beautifully immersive, dynamic, and engaging 3D maps. Improve user acquisition, retention and engagement by providing a compelling, intuitive experience.

Cloud-resident Platform

Our SaaS cloud-resident platform supports on demand, real-time streaming of map data to end user devices. If you have no data-connection our maps also work offline.

Global Coverage

We process terabytes of source map data from vendors such as TomTom, Ordnance Survey, ZENRIN, NASA, Micello and OpenStreetMap to produce a geospatially accurate 3D map of the world.


Our mobile-first cross-platform SDK lets you build apps using a single API for iOS, Android, OSX, WebGL and OculusVR
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3D Indoor Maps

Intuitive, Immersive, Connected Indoor Maps

Attract visitors with better representation by providing an intuitive, immersive 3D map of your venue.

Your venue will be available in a seamless outdoor & indoor 3D world, providing context to your visitors including transport links and other points of interest around your venue.

Add your own venue with our Indoor Maps service — you have full control of your own indoor map.

Share your indoor map with your customers on any platform with our iOS, Android, JavaScript and VR capable SDK.

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Points of Interest

Custom locations and information on your map

Highlight important features and provide additional information with Points of Interest.

Points of Interest let you identify locations on your map — indoor or outdoor — with a customizable marker.

Attach additional information to any Point of Interest on your map.

Create and manage your own Points of Interest through our Points of Interest service.

Interior with PINs small meeting room details POI View small meeting room


Showcasing the 3D mapping platform

night snow fog mapmode heatmap

Recce is our showcase app for iOS and Android that demonstrates our stunning, immersive, and engaging 3D maps.

With coverage of the United States, Canada, and Great Britain, Recce is a fast, beautiful, and fun way to explore. As our showcase app, most platform features can be seen in action simply by installing Recce on iOS or Android. Recce brings to life local information from third parties within an engaging, real-world setting.

Recce is open source, it’s an ideal starting point for your own location-based app. Clone on github.

eeGeo SDK

Comprehensive tools for creating 3D mapping experiences

Build once, view everywhere with the eeGeo SDK. Integrate 3D maps quickly using familiar tools.


Write iOS applications in Objective-C with our iOS API.


Refer to the Android SDK samples or the cross-platform example app to add maps to your Android application.


Add beautiful, interactive maps to your website with our JavaScript API, currently in beta.


Use our SDK directly in Windows desktop applications — see the cross-platform example app for an example using WPF.

Virtual reality

Explore your map using VR technology, currently in beta.

Map Availability

Automated 3D map production provides global coverage

The eeGeo Platform enables apps to stream 3D map data on demand in real time. Our cloud-resident platform allows us to process terabytes of map data from a wide variety of vendors and territories. New territories can be rapidly brought online and our data is refreshed and updated frequently.

Global Coverage

Full mapping coverage is currently available for Canada, Great Britain, the United States, and Japan, with partial coverage of Australia, Brazil, France, and Spain. This represents over 200 million square kilometers of interactive, immersive, and engaging 3D virtual world.

GIS data processing

Through our partner network eeGeo has access to global source data. Building contours, land usage, and road network connectivity make our maps a beautiful, and faithful, representation of the world. Our cloud-resident data processing allows us to bring new territories online in a matter of weeks.


For venues that need extra flair, we can create custom landmarks. These highly detailed representations of buildings, venues, and campuses enhance the realism of the mapping experience and provide important visual cues to better orient and engage users.

Indoor Maps

Our unique approach to mapping supports seamless transition to indoor maps of buildings and other structures. These indoor maps engage users through the discovery and delivery of content relating to the inside of destinations. Indoor maps can either be automatically generated from interior map data, or by custom modelling a high-detail view of a building’s contents.  You can upload your own map for automatic generation, or find out more about our indoor maps.

Over 4.5 million end-users love our maps. See what people say:

“It differs from Google Maps and Apple Maps, not only in the quality of the images and landmarks on the maps, but also in that it can build the interiors of buildings not just the facades.”

– Nic Fildes, The Times

the times


“In my 18 months using an iPhone, I can count with one finger the numbers of apps that have elicited an audible gasp. That finger represents Recce – a glorious-looking new real-time 3D mapping tool.”

– Will Dean, The Independent


“eeGeo licensed data from a range of mapping sources including TomTom, NASA and Open Street Map to create 3D maps of the entire United States, Canada and Japan, with more countries on the way. The result is something a little like the stereoscopic rendering of cities that Apple Maps touted a few years ago (the result of Apple’s acquisition of Swedish startup C3 Technologies in 2011), but with less photo-like detail and brighter colors.”

– Parmy Olson, Forbes


It’s definitely worth a mention:

“Overall, this is a pretty engaging way to check what is around you as a tourist or a local. It’s easy to use, although limited for now in its first incarnation. If you fancy a map of London with a little more entertainment, this might be one for you.”

– Jamillah Knowles, The Next Web


“Our key breakthrough came when NTT DoCoMo, the largest mobile network operator in Japan, selected us as their mapping platform of choice and launched their consumer facing application in April 2014.

– Roland Moore-Colyer, v3.co.uk, interview with CEO, Ian Hetherington


Presents a 3D, animated bird’s eye view of a city, and what is going on in it:

“Raising the game for what we should be expecting out of the world of social-mobile-local services – think of Recce as the pretty face of big data.”

– Ingrid Lunden, TechCrunch


“What sets eeGeo apart is its granular accuracy and that its sharp graphics are mobile optimised.”

– Margi Murphy, TechWorld


“A powerful piece of software… the fact that it’s both indoor and outdoor is very interesting.”

– Asif Khan, This Week in Location Based Marketing podcast


Tricks up their magician’s sleeves:

“Recce is a simply staggering app that you really should get hold of if you have the right kit.”

– Matt Brown, Londonist