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3D Maps

WRLD 3D maps are built using high quality geographic data so you can create 3D visualizations, run simulations, and build dynamic location-based experiences and games.

Build your web, mobile, VR, or AR app today using the WRLD 3D maps SDKs and map design tools.

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3D map features

Cloud-native 3D maps

Built for high-performance and scalability, our vector 3D maps support on demand, real-time streaming of map and location data to users with the WRLD SDKs and APIs across web, mobile, desktop, and VR.

Cloud-native 3D maps

WRLD ingests licensed mapping data from select partners and open source map data from OpenStreetMap (OSM) to build an accurate and robust 3D map of the world. Our 3D maps are ready built with textures and custom-made landmarks so users can explore and engage with the real world easily through a virtual map.

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Design custom 3D maps

Map design tools

WRLD vector-based 3D maps can change dynamically in real time; data renders quickly at a high-frame rate and smoothly delivers. WRLD Map Design tools opens up map design and point of interest management to help you create custom maps that your users can interact with in real-time.

Indoor 3D maps

Easily create a more enjoyable employee, student, customer, or facilities management experience by uploading and managing your own indoor map to integrate within your building or campus app – or, engage the WRLD Indoor Map services team for technical or advanced support.

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3D maps for gaming and virtual reality

Get started using the WRLD Unity SDK to create rich location-based games and build new immersive worlds, including VR and AR apps. Ready-built, textured 3D maps combined with the Unity game engine makes for robust and high performance gaming and world-building.

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3D maps for your buildings, campuses and cities

WRLD 3D maps are the building blocks to build digital twin experiences for smart buildings, connected campuses, and smart cities of the future.

WRLD buildings interior

WRLD 3D building

Use our indoor map design and management tools to start building smart office, connected retail, or commercial real estate solutions today.

WRLD buildings exterior

WRLD 3D campus and 3d city maps

Connect your campus community with a robust 3D map that’s useful for students to facilities managers. Build real-world simulations and visualizations using 3D maps to predict future outcomes for smart cities.

Contact the WRLD sales team to learn about further support levels like indoor positioning, on-premise hosting and custom detailing.