What if you had the WRLD at your fingertips? What would you create?

WRLD is hosting a global challenge for developers to create the most useful application or immersive experience using any of the WRLD SDKs.

Contest starts October 1st and final submissions are due December 31st.




You have been granted access to a ready built true 3D world. The possibilities are endless and global in scale. What will you create?

Category 1: Create an application using any WRLD SDK that is useful for people. Maybe it’s a Smart City app, or a voice-controlled travel app…

Prize amount:$2,500 USD & WRLD Swag, and project promotion!

Category 2: Create an immersive game experience using any WRLD SDK that captures the WRLD’s attention. Maybe it’s the next Pokémon Go, or a Stranger Things upside down world…

Prize amount: $2,500 USD & WRLD Swag, and project promotion!

Available WRLD SDKS: Unity, JS, Android-Java, Objective C, C++, Windows



Winners will be judged on creativity, relevance, quality and usage.

  1. Go ahead, enter! Submit signup form.
  2. Receive further instructions and an invite to a dedicated Slack support channel for the WRLD Challenge! We’re here to help!
  3. Register for a (free) account with WRLD here if you don’t have one yet.
  4. Post your progress on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #WRLDChallenge
  5. Meet WRLD at these events in October: Unite Austin, Calhacks or OSM State of the Map




  • Anyone in any global country is eligible to participate in contest
  • Our goal is to have full coverage of Earth but please note our current mapping data coverage
  • Contest is sponsored by WRLD3D Inc., 251 Liמּle Falls Drive, Wilmington, Delaware, 19808 USA
  • Contest Address: WRLD3D Inc, 925 N La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038
  • Contest Run Dates are October 1 2017 – December 31 2017
  • Finalists will be announced January 2018, and winners will be determined by select TBA Judges, WRLD technical leads, and social voting
  • There will be two separate prizes granted to two separate winners, priced at $2,500 USD each. An entry can be considered for both prize categories but not awarded more than one prize category
  • Prize will be sent via check or wire transfer to winners
  • Winners will be judged on creativity, relevance, quality and usage
  • Winners will be announced on social media, on this page and through the WRLD newsleמּer with possible press support and promotion