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Workplace management

Build an integrated smart workplace map solution to optimize resource usage and improve company productivity with geospatial analytics.

Real-time geospatial understanding of GIS assets and people

  • Facilities managers

    Can monitor meeting room availability, occupancy trends, energy consumption, and track equipment in real-time throughout the office.
  • Employees

    Can easily navigate indoor and outdoor locations, see what machines are in use, and book meeting rooms on the go.
  • Visitors

    Can orient themselves before and upon arrival, activate self-guided tours, or receive geo-activated notifications from visitees.
  • Corporate real estate managers

    Can intuitively understand and visualize building operating information, energy consumption costs, and identify areas for improvement.
Smart city workplace management

Simplify and control your data

Report issues on time

Report issues on time

Integrate GIS with service and ticketing systems

Understand space needs

Understand space needs

Visualize space optimization patterns and opportunities for reducing costs

Update data on the cloud

Update data on the cloud

Easy to edit and update floorplans, and resource data

Save time

Save time finding stuff

Integrate with indoor positioning and wayfinding services

Book meeting rooms

Book meeting rooms quickly

Integrate with existing office and calendar systems


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