ConfigParams (Struct)

Namespace: Wrld

These are parameters required during initialization and construction of the map. They are only used for startup. Please use the API endpoints to interact with the map.


Name Type Description
MaterialsDirectory String Default materials lookup directory with existing semantically named materials required for runtime assignment.
OverrideLandmarkMaterial Material Default material to be assigned to Wrld Landmarks. Landmarks are special buildings which are dotted around the globe. They have a custom texture which will be automatically assigned to this material’s diffuse value. Setting this value to null uses a standard diffuse material.
CoverageTreeManifestUrl String The override URL pointing to a valid coverage tree binary file.
ThemeManifestUrl String The override URL pointing to a valid manifest with theme information, also a binary file.
Collisions CollisionConfig Contains information on whether to enable or disable generation of collision meshes for different types of map geometry.


NativeConfig GetNativeConfig ()

Get the native config which can be used across language boundaries. For internal use only.

ConfigParams MakeDefaultConfig ()

Create and return a default configuration which sets up all parameters to default values. The map starts up at San Francisco (37.771092, -122.468385) at an altitude above sea level of 1781 meters while facing North (0 degrees heading). The default directory is set to WrldMaterials, which points to Assets/Wrld/Resources/WrldMaterials. And default landmark material is set to null


double LatitudeDegrees

Starting Latitude in degrees.

double LatitudeDegrees { get; set; } 

double LongitudeDegrees

Starting Longitude in degrees.

double LongitudeDegrees { get; set; } 

double DistanceToInterest

Starting distance of the camera from the interest point, in meters.

double DistanceToInterest { get; set; } 

double HeadingDegrees

Starting heading / direction in degrees.

double HeadingDegrees { get; set; } 

bool StreamingLodBasedOnDistance

Whether to determine streaming LOD based on distance, instead of altitude.

bool StreamingLodBasedOnDistance { get; set; } 

double ViewportWidth

This is automatically set using Unity’s viewport resolution.

double ViewportWidth { get; set; } 

double ViewportHeight

This is automatically set using Unity’s viewport resolution.

double ViewportHeight { get; set; } 

bool EnableLabels

This controls whether or not Labels are enabled for roads, buildings and other landmarks. This is set automatically from the Unity Inspector panel for the WrldMap object.

bool EnableLabels { get; set; }