VR Deployment

To run the WRLD VR example, follow the instructions given below.

VR Deployment

  1. First ensure that your Unity version is between 5.5.0f3 and 2018.1.0f2.

  2. Download the WRLD Unity SDK from the Unity Asset Store and import it into your project.

  3. In order to use the WRLD Unity SDK, you must sign up for a free developer account. After signing up, create a WRLD API Key. Your API key is a token containing 32 alpha-numeric characters.

  4. Open the VR Example scene under Assets/Wrld/VRExample/ in the Project panel.

  5. Select the WrldMap GameObject and paste your API Key into the field shown in the Inspector:

    API key field

  6. Add the VR Example scene to the Scenes In Build panel (accessed via File->Build Settings) and ensure its checkbox is selected.

    Unity Build Settings

  7. Enable and setup VR in your project by following the steps at Unity’s VR Manual

  8. Press File->Build & Run, which will deploy & launch the example on your VR device.