Create a more interactive customer experience. Develop intelligent retail solutions by combining store and customer data in a visual manner.

Power Location Intelligence

Our mapping platform provides the interface to deliver location-based offers, rewards, and messages to customers.

Location is an increasingly critical element of marketing and customer engagement. Over 50% of brands are using location data to target customers* and deliver high ROI marketing programs in-store, out-of-store or virtually.

*LBMA 2017 Global Location Trends Report*


Our intuitive 3D map is customizable to include a real-time operating picture of your space. Use spatial analytics to grasp a complete picture of your visitors, enact better safety procedures, create more efficient retail operations and effective product placements.

Power a New Shopping Experience

Build applications that increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Plug in various APIs to our platform like transit, points of interest (POI), directions, and mobile payment services.
  • Provide a more intuitive retail discovery process with self-guided tours.
  • Represent key spaces with detailing and landmarks.
  • Integrate relevant, location-based messages from stores, restaurants, etc.
  • Integrate users’ passbooks with retailers reward applications so they can easily redeem points and view other contextual offers
  • Create a seamless outdoor to indoor experience with transportation links, navigation, car parking availability, reserve space functionality, and more.


We work with geomarketing, location intelligence, and other mobile technology partners to create new solutions for the retail world.