Get instant clarity of IoT data through a dynamic 3D map.

Build for the Future

If you want to think about the future of a city, 3D is better than 2D. WRLD is a virtual representation of the increasingly connected planet we live in, so we can work together on solutions to show the world what’s coming.
Smart CitiesDesign better urban solutions using a dynamic virtual world. Visualize connected data to make more intuitive decisions, allocate resources better, monitor safety, and make movement through cities more efficient.
Smart CampusConnect your campus community using an interactive 3D map, promote university programs and events with real-time event mapping, and plan out safety and security procedures in one place.
Smart BuildingsBuild facilities management solutions to monitor equipment usage, manage energy systems, lower operational response times, increase occupant engagement and overall building safety.


Instant clarity to help analyze data, predict patterns, and act quickly.

  • Understand building efficiency data by seeing real-time resource usage and emissions data.

  • Visualize climate effects on the basis of aggregated readings from field, forest and farm monitors.

  • Track assets, from a fleet of delivery trucks to city-centre bicycles for hire.

  • Associate points of interest pins with cards in a map which, when selected, display relevant, real-time, spatial data


WRLD works with leading technology and analytics platforms to help them showcase the power of their data and create solutions for Smart Cities, Smart Campuses and Smart Buildings.