Open Source

WRLD contributes to open source

We open source as much of our software as we can. We have plans to open source much more too. Our engineers contribute back what they can. We also try contribute to projects not directly related to the geospatial domain, but ones we make day-to-day use of such as Yelp’s mrjob and Slack’s python-rtmbot.

Fully Featured App

Our WRLD mobile app is open source. You can use this cross-platform, fully featured app as the basis for your own location-based application. Clone on github.


All of our examples are complete and fully open source. You can use these as the starting point of any of our features. Clone on github.


A noticeable portion of the data used in our maps are from open sources such as OpenStreetMap, USGS, Natural Resources Canada, NASA, Natural Earth GeoNames and Ordnance Survey Open Data. In cases where we make modifications, we contribute back under ODbL.

We also make use of proprietary data. Whilst we would love for this data to be in the community, we are unable to do so due to licensing constraints. This data is vitally important as it provides high-detailed features required to support the fidelity of our maps.


Our maps are heavily customisable – you can completely alter how they look to suit your app style or your business needs. To get you started, our default style is open. Clone on github.