How-to: Building "indoor-only" apps using wrld.js

Most of our users love the context that our detailed 3D outdoor maps give to their buildings, but some use cases require a focus on the indoor environment only: Your app UX might want to start with the indoor view,... Read more

Offering now: Free trial of all of WRLD's Developer plans

Good news for all WRLD enthusiasts who’ve tried our services in the past and loved them: you now have the opportunity to start a free trial of any of our Developer plans at any time! This offer is valid for... Read more

GUTS Hackathon 2021 Winners

Last weekend saw over 200 participants coming together (virtually, of course) to participate in Glasgow University Tech Society’s “Do You Have The GUTS?” hackathon. Held annually since 2013, the Hackathon is the GU Tech Soc’s flagship event and pits teams... Read more

WRLD and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Partner to Create Real-Time Simulations of Potential COVID Transmission on Cruise Liners

WRLD and the CDC have joined hands to simulate COVID transmission pathways on the Diamond Princess Cruise ship in order to understand the spread of viruses in closed spaces and re-design spaces to mitigate spread. Using the WRLD platform, the... Read more

2020 - What a year!

Well what a year it’s been! When I joined WRLD as Head of Software Development at the start of January, none of us knew that within a few short months we’d be plunged into a COVID crisis, with lockdowns and... Read more

Updated support for XR experiences in Unity 2019/2020

Last month we announced the release of our new Unity SDK which supports Unity Editors 2019 and 2020.  This new release offers an array of new features that will allow the users to customize their maps to an unprecedented degree,... Read more

How-to: Using wrld.js in React and React Native apps

It’s been over 3 years since we launched the WRLD Javascript SDK, and we’ve been continually adding new features. Most recently, we added 3D indoor props which you can add in code and using our Asset Tool, and published our... Read more

Partner Spotlight: NetSol Launches Covid-Aware Smart Workplace App Built on WRLD

NETSOL Technologies, Inc., a global services and enterprise application solutions provider, in collaboration with WRLD, is proud to announce the launch of NXT. NXT is a COVID-Aware smart workplace solution which ensures standard operating procedures for employees to safely return... Read more

Tutorial: Training Unity ML Agents in WRLD

Introduction Earlier this year, Unity made the first official release of their ML-Agents Toolkit, a framework for developing, training and testing Artificial Intelligence algorithms in a Unity environment. It’s open-source and comes with a plenty of examples to help get... Read more

Webinar - What's new with WRLD’s Unity SDK v0.8

Last month we announced the release of our new Unity SDK which supports Unity Editors 2019 and 2020. This new release offers a host of new features that will allow the users to customize their maps to a much greater extent, create fascinating new VR and AR experiences and... Read more

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