Updated Great Britain Coverage

By WRLD Team on 1st September 2015 | Announcements
We are pleased to announce an update to our Great Britain coverage. This data refresh covering nearly 230 thousand square kilometres of Great Britain, including every road and man made structure. 3d maps In addition to providing your apps with a more up-to-date map of these areas, this update also brings a couple of exciting improvements to our Great Britain coverage.

Data Refresh

Our road data has been refreshed, bringing our traffic and routing features to the latest, freshest road data for Great Britain Our Great Britain building data has been refreshed including the latest Ordnance Survey coverage. This brings our latest building interaction features to the whole of Great Britain

Collision Detection

We announced the initial release of collision detection with map elements back in March. This feature allows your app to select individual elements of the map such as buildings and roads. In the March release, the collision detection data was available in the San Francisco area only. As of the latest map update, collection detection data is now available across all of Great Britain and North America. If you’d like to try this feature out, you can find a demo in our SDK Samples here: https://github.com/eegeo/mobile-sdk-harness/tree/master/src/Examples/EnvironmentRayCaster london1

Building Metadata

Building metadata, including the footprint, number of floors, and anchor points is now available for the whole of Great Britain This enables selection of and interaction with individual buildings. If you’d like to try this feature out, you can find a demo in our SDK samples here: https://github.com/eegeo/mobile-sdk-harness/tree/master/src/Examples/BuildingSelection and here: https://github.com/eegeo/mobile-sdk-harness/tree/master/src/Examples/BuildingSelection london1


This updated map is available for you to use in SDK versions IOS 1532 and Android 1573

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