Attract visitors to discover your unique destination experiences

eeGeo’s 3D maps allow a highly detailed model of your venue to be included in the ‘world’, with key landmarks and points of interest identified to help with visitor orientation. It might be a theme park, sports stadium, concert venue or a museum; all can be included (together with interior modelling if required) to help drive the attraction and engagement with visitors.With a 3D mapping application providing an opportunity for potential visitors to explore the venue ahead of a visit it offers an opportunity to maximise the chances of them becoming a customer, as well as to help them have a better experience of the venue. During the visit the maps provide not only an opportunity for the users to take a virtual guided tour to discover where all the attractions are, but also for the venue operator to deliver marketing messages and offers to help drive commerce or better visitor management. The maps offer opportunities for partners to have a presence in the application (perhaps their retail or food outlet is highlighted) which helps drive additional revenue for the venue operator.
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