Attract, engage, retain and market to your customers

By identifying your retail locations in an engaging discovery environment such as the eeGeo 3D maps it becomes easier to enable potential customers to find you and engage with your merchandise and offers. Showing the ‘last mile’ around your stores or malls with all relevant information on the map in an easily filtered or searched format (transportation links, road directions, car parking etc.) enhances the visitor experience.With eeGeo’s ability to deliver interior mapping in the same environment, it offers the opportunity to guide the user around the store or mall, both prior to and during their visit. This allows departments or stores to be highlighted, and marketing messages to be delivered to the user to encourage commerce. Users can also be offered a ‘self guided’ tour to highlight your important locations or products. Our 3D maps offer the opportunity for you to make your shopping stand out by modelling your store’s interior and exterior, and in providing an engagement for the shopper prior to, during and after their visit.