Deliver a new experience in marketing retail and commercial property

Highlighting properties for sale or rent within a 3D mapping application provides an engaging and intuitive way for purchasers to discover and browse particulars. The realism of the 3D representation allows them to interactively check out the area they are interested in and quickly identify properties that are available.Unlike two dimensional maps, the ability to show which floor of a multi-story building is being marketed is valuable in helping a purchasing or rental decision. As well as being able to deliver existing detailed property information within the application, there are opportunities to create interior mapping such that users can be taken to view inside the building via the app. A further option is to create a virtual tour that the prospective purchaser can use to be guided around the key features of the property (or a around a list of properties), their 3D map view changing in response to their interaction with the tour. Using 3D mapping to deliver property marketing information offers a compelling proposition for the purchaser to explore what is available; the information can be instantly updated to show latest availability, and they can engage with the service whenever is convenient for them on their mobile device. It offers a step up in the visualisation fidelity which can help attract purchasers, and positively influence their buying decisions.
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