Network Operators

Differentiated, independent mapping experiences for subscribers

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More so than ever it is important for mobile network operators to be able to differentiate the services they deliver to subscribers, with opportunities to stand out on price and package dwindling. In looking for such differentiation so operators need to be able to have the freedom to deliver their own or partner data within services as they wish to; this freedom extends to a desire not to be beholden to over-the-top application competitors. The eeGeo Platform offers a proven, scalable solution for mobile network operators to deliver a fantastic 3D mapping experience to their subscribers that can be given whatever unique theming or look and feel are needed to stand apart from other operators and mapping application providers. Furthermore, the independence of eeGeo as the map provider means there are no restrictions or limits on the content that can be delivered within the maps; none of the valuable information relating to users and their interactions needs flow through competitive providers. With the ability to deliver 3D mapping apps across Android and iOS device platforms, mobile operators can offer the same user experience across almost all of their subscribers’ tablets and smartphones.

ZENRIN DataCom / NTT docomo


zdc docomo NTT DoCoMo, Japan’s largest mobile network operator with over 60m subscribers, is delivering a unique 3D mapping experience to its smartphone and tablet customers thanks to apps created by ZENRIN DataCom using the eeGeo Platform. Our 3D maps provide NTT DoCoMo with the ability to create a differentiated customer experience, with freedom to give the maps a distinctive Japanese style and to deliver their own local search information and content. ZENRIN map data was used to create a 3D map of the whole of Japan to which highly detailed custom models of hundreds of key landmarks were added. The iOS and Android based apps offer turn-by-turn routing, local search, categorised and filtered points of interest as well as the display of live Twitter activity. The scalability of the eeGeo Platform has enabled NTT DoCoMo to deliver their 3D mapping app to millions of consumers, through both their own and the Apple and Google Play app stores.