Local Media & Advertising

Intuitive environment for interaction with media messages

Interactive 3D maps provide an ideal environment for the delivery of local search, media and information. By showing the content as categorised ‘pins’ on the map the user is presented with a more intuitive environment for discovery and reading of the content compared to textual lists, resulting in an increased likelihood of an interaction or transaction with the advert or advertiser. A range of services can be delivered in a compelling mapping environment to help provide improved results and a differentiation for your partners and advertisers:
pointsofinterest advertising
Local business directory information
Jobs, cars and general classifieds adverts
Coupons and deals
Events guides
Property advertising
eeGeo also have the capability to create display advertising inventory within the 3D maps – ‘billboards’ that can carry fixed image or video adverts driven from your advertising platform. This offers an incremental revenue stream for publishers and a further branding opportunity for advertisers to reach the users of the 3D mapping app.