Internet of Things

Real time visualisation of activity

Increasingly devices, objects, buildings and products are connected to the internet and generate data describing their position, status and environment. There are a number of solutions dedicated to the collection and analysis of this data, but in order to extract insight, and more importantly take action, there needs to be a way to visualise the data in an intuitive environment.The eeGeo Platform provides an ideal framework for the visualisation of such Internet of Things (IoT) data; from being able to associate ‘points of interest’ pins with ‘things’ which when selected display real time data to the user, to moving and animating 3D objects in the world in response to their real time position and status, to being able to overlay heatmaps and color the world according to individual building data or aggregated data sets.
There are a wide range of applications where 3D maps make an ideal visualisation platform for the Internet of Things sector:
Showing traffic congestion by representing density by the number of cars shown on the roads of the map.
Delivering building efficiency data (whether energy efficiency, carbon emissions or similar) by dynamically shading the buildings in the map according to real time data.
Allowing environmental changes to be monitored by changing the color of the terrain on the basis of aggregated readings from field, forest and farm monitors.
Tracking assets, from a fleet of delivery trucks to city-centre bicycles for hire, by moving the objects around the map in real time.
The intuitive and recognisable form of the 3D maps allow users to very quickly identify areas where the visualisation of IoT data indicates action needs to be taken.