Dundee Design Festival is fast approaching (May 25-28) and we wanted to highlight what we’ll be doing for the event.

The Dundee Design Festival is unique to Dundee as it is currently the only city with UNESCO City of Design status in the UK. This means the festival will hold some of the most innovative design in the country over four days and we are proud to be involved with such a project.

We’ll be exhibiting our map platform on iOS devices at the Design Festival, showcasing our brand new indoor map for West Ward Works - built using our Indoor Maps API and populated with points of interest via our POI API which are both open to the public to use. We’ll also be showing our external maps centred around the under unconstruction Dundee Waterfront which we have visualized as complete in our maps.

We’ll also be conducting user research at the festival as part of the design experience. This is where we will ask people to go through certain steps and tell us how the app feels for them, we’ll then take notes and roll the feedback into our next set of updates. At eeGeo, we strive hard to understand our users, their needs and the things they want. This user-centric approach is the core of our design philosophy, informing the entire experience of interacting with our 3D maps. Participating in eeGeo’s user research essentially enables us to define and refine our products. It keeps us honest! We simply couldn’t make our 3D maps without you as part of our team so come down and join us and be part of how we design our maps.

We’re really looking forward to the Dundee Design Festival and we hope you are too. Come join us!

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