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  • WRLD Javascript API TfL API using leaflet.js and eegeo.js 16th November 2016 by WRLD Team Surfacing real-time, useful geospatial data is hugely useful in maps. This example will show you how to use the TfL API (Transport for London), leaflet.js and eegeo.js to visualise real-time London Underground tube times for the Central Line in London, UK. It’s as simple as more!
  • Indoor Mapping Blog Our Senion Integration Brings Indoor Navigation to Reality 18th July 2016 by WRLD Team We are extremely excited to announce the integration of eeGeo 3D maps with indoor positioning of Senion.  You can see it in action below: If you are interested in integrating indoor positioning into a map, sign up for our developer key. Senion is an indoor more!
  • SDK eeGeo Maps in the Browser: Our JavaScript API 22nd May 2016 by WRLD Team We’re delighted to announce the beta release of our JavaScript API, eegeo.js! Now you can embed eeGeo’s beautiful and engaging maps in any web page, in minutes. Try it right here: Getting started Embedding a map is easy with eegeo.js. All you need is an more!
  • Development How We Get Landmarks into Our 3D City Maps 10th May 2016 by WRLD Team The Dundee waterfront is currently undergoing a major redevelopment. The new developments within Dundee waterfront cover 8km along the River Tay. We’ve recently updated Landmarks in this area and would like to share them with you. A Landmark can be an object or a feature more!
  • Development Structuring our data for streaming 14th March 2016 by WRLD Team When it comes to presenting a whole world’s worth of data in real-time on a mobile device, unsurprisingly there are a lot of constraints and challenges. One such challenge is getting that data from our servers to a user’s application in a timely manner. To avoid more!
  • Indoor Mapping Blog New Customer and New App 22nd September 2015 by WRLD Team Some of you eagle eyed observers may have noticed a change to our Customers page. This week we welcomed Cisco Systems onto the website! We’ve been working with Cisco for a little while on a bespoke app for them to show off their Customer Experience more!
  • Development A day in the life of a new start 26th August 2015 by WRLD Team     As you may be aware if you’ve been following us on Twitter, we’ve been expanding our team significantly (and we’re still going, head over to our jobs page for more info!). I’m writing today to tell you about what life has been like more!
  • Development Scaling up with Hadoop, EMR & mrjob 14th July 2015 by WRLD Team In a previous post, we talked about creating 3D terrain resources. While terrain is arguably the single most important feature in a map, our mapping platform also provides buildings, transport networks (road, rail, tram), trees, place names and more. Given the number of features that more!
  • Development How Do You Make Your 3D Terrain in WRLD Maps? 13th July 2015 by WRLD Team When showing people our products, we’re frequently asked, “so… how do you actually make your maps?” The short answer is that we process various digital map sources, enhancing and combining them to create 3D models that can be streamed over the web. The long answer more!
  • iOS Recce app updates 13th July 2015 by WRLD Team We’ve just finished a round of improvements for our showcase app, Recce. Recce is a fast, beautiful and fun way to explore the world with video game visuals; it’s built on top of our 3D mapping platform and offers a taste of what our technology more!

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