Native Android Development using Android Studio

For a while now, developing our SDK for Android has relied on Eclipse combined with the no longer supported Android Development Tools plugin. While most of the Android development world has been able to enjoy the delights of the officially... Read more


eeGeo announces strategic partnership with AMP for interactive real estate 3D mapping

We at eeGeo have recently entered into a strategic partnership with AMP Technologies, an asset management company and digital operating platform, to deliver interactive three-dimensional visualizations of interior commercial spaces. This collaboration will see eeGeo’s dynamic indoor and outdoor 3D... Read more


Announcing our Scandinavia & Italy maps!

We are excited to announce that eeGeo’s fun and animated 3D maps are now available for the whole of Scandinavia and Italy. As with all other countries in our maps, these are very detailed. They include the entire terrain data... Read more

Indoor Mapping Blog

Our Senion integration brings indoor navigation to reality

We are extremely excited to announce the integration of eeGeo 3D maps with indoor positioning of Senion. You can see it in action below: integrating indoor positioning into a map, sign up for our developer key. Senion is an indoor... Read more


Announcing Indoor Maps API & POI Management

We are excited to announce the launch of the 3D Indoor Map API and companion Points of Interest (POI) API. These allow developers to create 3D indoor maps using simple 2D floor plans of a building and insert customized interior... Read more

Smart Workplace

Introducing the smart workplace solutions at Realcomm's intelligent building conference.

This week, we’re attending Realcomm’s Intelligent Building Conference, fittingly held in the heart of Silicon Valley. We’re in San Jose introducing our Smart Workplace app, which is built upon eeGeo’s 3D Map Engine. We’ve made prerequisite cute explainer video, outlining... Read more


eeGeo maps in the browser: our Javascript API

We’re delighted to announce the beta release of our JavaScript API, eegeo.js! Now you can embed eeGeo’s beautiful and engaging maps in any web page, in minutes. Our examples and API documentation will help you explore the features of eegeo.js.... Read more


eeGeo at Dundee Design Festival

Dundee Design Festival is fast approaching (May 25-28) and we wanted to highlight what we’ll be doing for the event. The Dundee Design Festival is unique to Dundee as it is currently the only city with UNESCO City of Design... Read more


How We Get Landmarks into Our 3D City Maps

The Dundee waterfront is currently undergoing a major redevelopment. The new developments within Dundee waterfront cover 8km along the River Tay. We’ve recently updated Landmarks in this area and would like to share them with you. A Landmark can be... Read more

Indoor Mapping Blog

POIs: Announcing our new Points of Interest API

We are excited to announce the first release of our POIs API. POIs Points of Interest are critical cartographic content. Whether outdoor to find the nearest coffee shop or indoor to find the nearest available meeting room. In this initial... Read more

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