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Our 3D maps are being used by millions of users to explore and discover the world indoors and outdoors through customers’ applications.

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Customer Experience Center app

Indoor Maps

Indoor Positioning Services


Smart Building

To provide an enhanced visitor experience of their Customer Experience Centers (CXC), Cisco Systems partnered with WRLD to create highly detailed 3D indoor maps to deliver a connected, dedicated, mobile experience. Integrating our maps with the Cisco Enterprise Mobility Services Platform, Cisco is able to provide a seamless experience of their venue for visitors before, during and after attending briefings as well as enhancing communication of their product and solution information. An interactive card carousel offers a self-guided tour of the CXC that enables Cisco to deliver key product and solutions information at the same time as identifying where they can be experienced within the building.

Property Management app

Data Visualization

Points of Interest

When working with MIDAS, Manchester’s inward investment agency, the architectural consultancy ARUP used our mapping platform to create an app to showcase their proposed developments in the city. The interactive maps were ideal to help visualise new buildings and developments, and to deliver information about local transportation links, universities and the developments that allows the user to relate them geographically to the proposed improvements. ARUP used the app to engage clients and for public and governmental consultation, providing an intuitive medium for explaining their proposals and allowing stakeholders to more easily evaluate their impact.