Our WRLD on Mobile

Experience your world in 3D on our mobile app, WRLD App, a showcase of our mapping platform. Preview and share your maps made through Map Designer, or use WRLD to discover and navigate your environment.


Users are actively engaged in a 3D world, as it realistically represents what is around them, indoors and outdoors, for more intuitive exploration.

Global Map Coverage

Our maps are currently available in the United States, Canada, UK & Ireland, Scandinavia, the Arabian Peninsula, Japan, Australia, Brazil, France, Spain and Thailand and our coverage continues to expand.

High Performance

Our maps are powered by a high performance graphics engine born out of gaming technology.

Cloud-based streaming

We are constantly updating our store of mapping data, which our platform seamlessly streams from the cloud to your device. Our maps are also available for offline use.

Open source

WRLD is an open source mobile app; you can use it as a starting point to build your own location-based app, game, or experience.

Build once, use everywhere

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