Our source data comes from the most accurate, highest quality data sets available.

Upon request, WRLD has access to global GIS and mapping data from a number of GIS vendors, or can use and convert data from OpenStreetMap to rapidly provide additional 3D map coverage.

Our maps provide full coverage for the United States, Canada, UK & Ireland, Scandinavia, the Arabian Peninsula and Japan, and together with partial coverage of Australia, Brazil, France, Spain and Thailand represents over 300 million square kilometers.

Data Partners
  • Full Coverage
  • Partial Coverage
  • Coverage available 1 month lead time
  • Coverage available 3 month lead time

TomTom is an essential source for WRLD global mapping data, providing navigable road network coverage, building footprint data across most major metropolitan areas worldwide and 3D landmark models for most major landmarks.

Micello provides indoor map data for buildings and venues globally, enabling WRLD to automatically create 3D representations of the insides of these destinations and integrate them with our 3D exterior views.

WRLD’s partnership with Ordnance Survey grants us access to high fidelity map data which includes all of the building and terrain data for Great Britain. Passing this data through our automated processing pipeline allows us to create and place precise renditions of every building on accurate terrain which displays correct land use and elevation.

ZENRIN provides high quality map data including all roads, buildings and landmarks for the country of Japan. Their comprehensive road data opened up the opportunity for WRLD to create genuine, navigable road network representations for route finding and navigation functionalities on the platform.

Visicom provides innovative GIS solutions, 3D maps and spatial calculations for most cities and regions worldwide, helping us create our world with greater realism and accuracy.