Map Designer

Design and manage custom maps through our unified mapping platform without extensive coding, for both modern web and mobile applications.

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Use our tools to input, interact and interpret your geo-enriched data while customizing the look and feel for your application. Our editing interface allows for both pros and beginners to customize their maps for different end users, turning off/on relevant functionalities and data.

Create an interactive smart workplace map that employees use to locate and book meeting rooms, or that visitors use to find meeting areas, or facility managers use to monitor resources. Each group sees a detailed 3D map with relevant location information and notifications updated and managed especially for them.


  • Map Design

    Configure coverage and location. Select a theme, customize menus and content.
  • Places Collections

    Organize relevant Points of Interest collections for different audiences, including custom HTML content.
  • Indoor Map Design

    Make your own indoor maps Coming soon
  • Data Visualizer

    Tools to turn data into insights Coming soon
  • Advertising

    Schedule location triggered messaging or billboard ads Coming soon

Contact us to discuss how we can render your building or venue in 3D today.

Define point of interests & Hook up real time data feeds

  • Create, manage and publish the desks at which people sit in at an office and where important resources are to provide a dynamic picture of your workplace.
  • Add cards for each mall’s retailers and food outlets that populate real-time offers and store open times.
  • Integrate real time airport notifications for travelers to get flight notifications, check security lines, and estimate time needed to get to their gates.