• High Performance 3D Map

    Powers real-time location intelligence and unique virtual experiences.
  • Developer Control

    An intuitive interface to securely customize and manage your content, preferred design aesthetics, and data.
  • Cloud-Resident Platform

    Our SaaS mapping platform supports on demand, real-time streaming of map data to end user devices, and also works offline.
  • Global Coverage

    We process terabytes of source map data from trusted mapping data partners to produce a geospatially accurate 3D map of the world.
  • Instant Interactivity

    An open platform for you to connect APIs and plug in data and services that are relevant to you
  • Cross Platform

    A shareable and streaming map across Web, Mobile, Desktop, VR and AR

Indoor Mapping

Be More Connected

  • Enhance

    Your business presence and discoverability in a true spatial context of the world.
  • Convert

    Your floor plans to a more beautiful and accurate representation of your building in 3D for more meaningful applications.
  • Integrate

    Indoor positioning systems, wayfinding services, and other connected data providers easily within our open platform.
  • Create

    A primary interface to your world to visualize location data and connected device readings, track assets and resources, and more.
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